At Teacklesinc, We use only professional state-of-the-art disc jockey equipment. We provide full pa system with our bookings which include speakers, professional wireless microphones, Cables. our system is able to accommodate 50-500 guests at regular banquet halls. To Add Our set-ups are very attractive and unobtrusive, tailor-made to suit every client's needs

Yes, we do take requests, however, it's at the discretion of the DJ to manage the requests to ensure client needs are met which is key.

Every Event we play in is unique, we offer affordable and consumer-friendly packages to reflect the needs of each Price varies based on factors such as contract hours, venue needs, distance/location, number of guests, and special needs such as extended play or outdoor setup. Remember a DJ is the most important piece of your event, as such pricing should reflect the demand and your needs.

The Customer controls and manages the music selections via direct coordination with DJ, and to add I am a versatile DJ, with a vast collection of music tailored for various diversified groups and backgrounds.

I am an All-around diversified multi-genre deejay with 9 years of experience; able to rotate between banquet halls for private functions, to Nightclubs with ease. I offer simple yet diversified mobile Entertainment packages. Music is my specialty and Entertaining people happens to be my passion. Book me for an experience

  • Show up on time
  • Be professional
  • Be courteous
  • Entertain to the fullest
  • Proper planning and preparation

Sure we can, and at very little extra cost for a basic light show.If requested, I can supply many different effects

1.No middlemen with your bookings, I provide the contract directly, I do provide the equipment, setup, and tear down as well as deejay your event.
2. Lighting is included in your booking for an affordable extra fee for venue ambiance
3. Online planning and booking for your event with access to client login area for various planning tools
4. Very flexible and hands-on with planning for your event, includes one meet face to face, either during rehearsal or plainly for introduction
5.9 years of experience from the club scene, sweet 16, graduations, engagements to numerous diverse weddings featuring various cultures and backgrounds

Yes we are fully bonded and can provide documentation if and when requested

Depends on one's tastes. otherwise, the benefits of having a DJ is the seamless flow of music without stops and gaps during the event, as well as quick mixing of tracks to create a smooth flow

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