8 Reasons why You Need a Wedding planner

8 Reasons why You Need a Wedding planner


ear brides, grooms, and undecided, As your friendly wedding DJs, we feel it’s our duty to thank each and every one of you who have hired a wedding planner or recruited your bossiest co-worker to run your wedding.

    Many people believe that event planners are expensive; however, working with a professional helps reduce costs since they have a network of vendors that they deal with on a regular basis. They put those relationships to good use by negotiating with vendors to ensure that you receive not only a fair rate but also reasonable contract terms.
    An event planner is an expert at putting on a fabulous affair within the parameters of a strict budget. Their expertise allows them to know where to allocate the right amount of money to create the impact you’re looking for. In the early stage of planning your event, you will need to strictly outline your budget and leeway points. An experienced professional will be able to point out whether your budget is realistic or not in terms of cost of the venue, catering, equipment rental, staffing, etc. With a professional event planner, you know upfront what the bill at the end will be. Since event planning is their job and they are experts, a professional will have a better idea of which aspects of the event to prioritize. . This will save you the time and headaches of attempting to figure out what to do, and when to do it. An event planner can also meet with vendors on your behalf— or pre-vet a vendor—so you are not wasting time at appointments that go nowhere. A dedicated planner will set necessary deadlines, and go all the way to meet them, ensuring your event is full of flair and within your budget.                                                                                                                                                      
    Not only do event planners have the experience to guide your expectations when considering costs, they’ve got the local connections or in-house capabilities to offer lower prices on your big-ticket expenses.
    Your event planner knows how  to communicate to vendors what you need! They know the lingo, know the design, and can effectively relate that to each vendor. Plus, if the planner has a question about something specific regarding A/V, floral, a custom-built prop, etc. they can ask or seek advice from their own peers and networks. One of the biggest advantages to hiring a planner is knowing that you’re not just hiring that one person, that you are hiring a pool of professionals. Of course, do your own due diligence to vet the planner before hiring. A wedding planner’s industry expertise allows them to stay on top of what is trending and what isn’t. Perhaps you wanted to go with silver flatware, but your event planner knows that gold would suit your wedding style better. A good wedding planner will be able to offer you sound advice on what to do, and when to do it.
  3. BUDGETING                                                                          When it comes to your wedding, you want everything to be perfect. All the details you dreamed of are important, and that can be fine when you have an unlimited budget—but most people have a specific amount that they have planned on spending. Having an expert event planner will keep in check with your budget. Their expertise allows them to know where to allocate the right amount of money to make the biggest impact you’re looking for. Also, as mentioned earlier, your event planner will have connections to vendors who may work with you for a lower price, which should help stretch your budget.
    The one person who never gets to enjoy the event is the person who planned it. You’re too busy moving all over the place, ensuring everything is in order, and that the event runs smoothly. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.
    Planning an event is comprised of four main stress points: budget, location, guest list, and catering, but there are a million smaller things (many you may not be aware of) to coordinate in a designated timeframe. Chances are that your daily responsibilities are enough to make the mere idea of planning an event seem overwhelming. You can relax, knowing that experts have lifted the burden of organizing off your shoulders and the results will exceed your expectations. Relieving clients of stress is one of the most important benefits of hiring an event planner. They handle all the headaches that come with organizing events, leaving you to enjoy the party without worrying about “things that could go wrong.”When you hire an event planner, you can relax and enjoy the event like every other guest, knowing that everything is being taken care of—they are there to troubleshoot difficulties and to make sure that the event goes off without a hitch. Regardless of the amount of time put into planning, there’s always the chance that something won’t go as planned. However, a professional planner will have a better idea of the kinds of things that could go wrong. They will be more adept at adapting, skilled in thinking on their feet, and able to execute Plan B quickly and efficiently. This kind of adaptability will be a huge asset in the event of something going wrong. A planner’s quick thinking can turn a potential disaster into a positive and memorable experience.
    Planning a successful large event requires a thorough knowledge of all the details involved. If you lack experience, it’s easy for little things to slip through the cracks. Fine-tuned organizational and time management skills are an event planner’s superpowers. This means that they’re able to pull things together and create a production timeline to follow. All event requirements, deadlines, vendors, etc. are added to the timeline to ensure everything is handled according to schedule. The professional will ensure all vendors and suppliers are booked, all creative is designed and ordered, deposits are paid, and details communicated to vendors according to the production timeline.
    Your event planner will be the on-site director for your event and coordinate all day-of needs. Beginning weeks before, the planner will schedule load in and out for every vendor. They will compile a Run Of Show—time stamping all occurrences during the event, like 7pm Cocktails start, 7:15pm piano starts, 7:45pm piano ends and dining room opens…Then, your planner will be onsite directing the team to make sure all transitions happen according to plan. This keeps your event running smoothly, and on time (which means you are not charged any overages from the venue or vendors!).
    Event planners know what’s cliche, what’s traditional, and what’s experimental. Depending on your company’s culture and the type of event you’re hosting, an event planner can help you hit the nail on the head when it comes to creativity. Good planners don’t do the bare minimum—they think of “out of the box” unique ways to provide value to their clients. Professional planners can craft the kind of creative, memorable experience that an inexperienced person likely couldn’t replicate.
    Your planner’s biggest goal is to see your vision come to life exactly as you imagined it. They help you find the best way to use the space, what sort of decor best fits your theme, and how to work with all the elements to create a cohesive design and make everything look and feel great! Adding clever details to your event can make a huge impact that you might not think about. These added touches, like making sure all of the seams in the tablecloths are going the same direction, or the chairs are at the right angles, are what help to set your event apart. They make your event look well-thought-out, and not thrown together.
  7. EVENT PLANNERS MEET BUSINESS OBJECTIVES                     If you’re planning a business event, this is where the stress becomes real! You most likely have stringent business objectives to achieve. Maybe your event is a product launch, client gathering, conference, trade exhibition, or charity gala—really any event with a strategic purpose—your event planner will make sure all goals are met. Working with an event planner can not only save you time out of your workday but also save your company money while meeting corporate objectives. Many corporate planners offer quality marketing services to their clients and can aid in making your event a success story! This is where creative event production can really shine! An event planner will use the right themes, activations, and entertainment to create a branded experience for your guests. They can also assist with clever marketing and sponsorship opportunities to guarantee rapport and a memorable connection with your brand.
    One of the biggest hurdles in planning an event is knowing any city/local ordinances that must be followed. When you work with a professional event planner, you can lean on them to guarantee that regulations—like room capacity, fire codes, etc.— are upheld. A professional will also know the regulations and codes of the venue, like can you bring in your own A/V team? Are there limitations on the height of decor? By relying on a professional who knows all ordinances and limitations, you will circumvent costly problems.       


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